Print Management & Supply Chain Auditing

Specialist auditing and benchmarking

Print Production Supply Chain Auditing and Benchmarking

At Cerberus Criterion, we provide specialist auditing and benchmarking services to help organisations improve sustainability and value in their print production and communications supply chain.

Our auditing service means that you gain the visibility needed to drive real improvements in cost, quality, and sustainability. It’s a no obligation and free service designed to give you thought provoking ideas for improving your supply chain, reducing cost and where possible, providing solutions to transform your business into a paper free environment.

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Our Auditing & Benchmarking Services

We help organisations improve sustainability and value in their print production and communications supply chain by delivering the following services...

Print Production Audits

We conduct detailed audits of your current print suppliers and processes to identify opportunities for improvement. This includes assessing costs, turnaround times, quality, sustainability practices, and more. Our audits provide transparency into exactly how your print production supply chain is performing.


We benchmark your print production against industry standards and best practices. This helps identify areas where you are overpaying, processes that can be optimised, and where quality or sustainability practices are lacking. Our benchmarking is tailored specifically to your needs and objectives.

Sustainability Analysis

A key focus of our audits is examining sustainability. We analyse use of materials like papers, inks, and finishes to ensure they come from ethical, environmentally-friendly sources. We also look for waste and inefficiency that can be eliminated through process improvements and digitisation. Our goal is to develop an optimised print production supply chain that aligns with your sustainability commitments.

Cost Savings

Through our auditing and benchmarking, we consistently identify ways clients can reduce print production costs by 10-30% or more. This is achieved through supplier consolidation, improved supplier terms, switching to more efficient processes, reducing waste, and other optimisations. You gain the insights needed to drive change.

Insights & Reporting

Our team has extensive experience auditing and benchmarking print production for organisations of all sizes. We deliver clear, actionable reports tailored to your needs. Our insights make it easy to see where changes are needed to improve value, efficiency, quality, and sustainability.
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