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Cerberus Criterion is your sustainable, multi-channel communications partner, specialising in eco-friendly commercial print, direct mail, hybrid mail, document archiving, and digitisation solutions for both private and public sectors.
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We at Cerberus Criterion Provide a Range of Sustainable Services to Boost Your Business' Productivity

When you partner with us, you're not only choosing high-quality transformative services, but also making a commitment to sustainability and steering your business towards a paper free environment.

Print Management & Supply Chain Auditing

We provide specialist auditing and benchmarking services to help you improve sustainability and value in your print production and communications supply chain.
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Scanning, Document Archiving & Digitisation

We stand at the forefront of revolutionising document management by offering state-of-the-art scanning, archiving and digitisation solutions.
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Direct Mail & Marketing

We merge the traditional effectiveness of direct mail with innovative sustainability practices, offering a range of options like postcards, door drops, brochures, and letters, all in eco-friendly formats.
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Sustainable Print Services

We deliver excellence while upholding our ethos of sustainability and carbon-neutral printing.
Over 400 live suppliers cover all aspects of your print and promotional needs.
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Hybrid Mail & Postal Services

Say goodbye to the purchasing and storage of envelopes, paper, ink cartridges whilst freeing up valuable staff time for both office based and remote hybrid working employees.
We will print, envelope and dispatch your letter including postage for less than the cost of a stamp!
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Streamlined Process, Reduced Effort

Forget the time-consuming tasks of manual signing, inserting, sealing, and franking. Our service simplifies these steps, freeing up your staff for more critical tasks.

Consolidated Printing Solutions

Replace multiple, costly desktop printers. Transmit your jobs electronically to our strategically located Service Delivery Centres across the UK for efficient processing.

Dynamic and Waste-Free

Eliminate the need for bulk storage and the waste associated with outdated letterheads. Print letterheads and letters together, on-demand, ensuring up-to-date and professional correspondence every time.

Core Task Focus

Empower your staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities, leaving the laborious and monotonous task of mail preparation to us.

What impact is sustainability having on print technology decisions?

According to new research (2023) via Quocirca Print Sustainability Trends...
  • According to new research, 77% of businesses are accelerating sustainability initiatives
  • 52% of large enterprises say their corporate sustainability goals influence their choice of print supplier to a great extent
  • 69% say it is important for print suppliers to help them measure the environmental impact of printing
  • 27% of businesses say they lack environmental data on their print environment
  • Only 31% of businesses are extremely satisfied with the sustainability information provided by suppliers
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